Definition of Biopuncture

Biopuncture is a safe injection therapy applying a standardized technique that allows a quick assessment of the patient. The basics can be learned and applied even after an initial 8h training session!
This novel therapeutic tool is
  • simple
  • reproducible
  • clinically effective
  • non-surgical
  • cost-effective
Biopuncture is a specific injection method, clearly differentiated from other injection methods applied in medical practice (such as neural therapy, mesotherapy, prolotherapy, and numerous others). 
Its boundaries are well defined in the technique of injection, the site of injection and and type of medications used. Although specific examination techniques are used, especially in musculoskeletal complaints, Biopuncture is based on a conventional and an additional functional diagnosis.
Biopuncture is a bioregulatory therapy method in which specific biotherapeutics are injected in specific zones or points on the basis of conventional and functional diagnosis.
If we analyze the definition above, our attention should be drawn to a few specific aspects of Biopuncture: