History of Biopuncture

Jan KersschotBiopuncture was invented by the Belgian physician Dr. Jan Kersschot and presented by him for the first time in an academic setting at a medical symposium in Ostend (Belgium) in 1991.

Dr. Kersschot was born on August 15, 1960 in Reet, near Antwerp, Belgium. He studied medicine at the University of Antwerp and graduated in 1986. During his medical studies, his father – who was a general practitioner - had patients travelling from Belgium to Germany to be treated with neural therapy, an unknown injection therapy in Belgium at that time. Because he was curious about this therapy but too busy in his practice to go himself, he sent his son Jan, who was still studying medicine, to Germany to participate in a course on neural therapy in Freudenstadt in September 1984. Following this course in neural therapy, Jan felt that this was a very interesting modality that could be useful in medicine. He was also surprised that he hadn't heard about it in his medical training at University. 
When Jan completed his studies in 1986, he started his own practice, injecting his patients as often as he could with these injection techniques.

Within the scope of neural therapy in Germany, Jan quickly discovered that in addition to procaine, other bioregulating medications were available in injection form. Jan was surprised that his patients confirmed that they had better and longer-lasting results when he added these ampoules concurrently with the procaine or lidocaine. When he noticed the benefits of some of these biotherapeutic medications in his practice occurring repeatedly, he started having confidence in this type of medication and started using other biotherapeutic medications as well. A further step was that he started using more and more biotherapeutic medications and less local anesthetics.

Further insight came when he studied mesotherapy and trigger point therapy. He began combining his already standardized biotherapeutic injections with insights from mesotherapy, trigger point therapy and prolotherapy, and developed new techniques and new strategies.
In 1991, Dr. Kersschot finally presented his new injection technique at a medical congress in Ostend as an integration of several different techniques. He chose the term "Biopuncture" because this name described the technique: local injections at specific locations with safe and effective bioregulating medicines.
Over the last 20 years, the methodology of Biopuncture has evolved further, and it is still evolving today. Biopuncture has omitted the use of acupuncture points that were initially included, and utilizes a Western diagnosis (in combination with a functional diagnosis).  The technique was standardized by a team of experts, resulting in the book "The Clinical Guide to Biopuncture", which describes in depth the standardized methodology of Biopuncture. 

A new practical guide to the therapeutic use of Biopuncture in treating musculoskeletal disorders was just released: "Biopuncture - The Management of Common Orthopedic and Sports Disorders" provides detailed discussions of therapeutic techniques, examines indications and contraindications for the use of Biopuncture, and includes practical, step-by-step treatment guidelines that help readers apply key concepts to actual practice.

Since the beginning of Biopuncture, about 20 years ago, Jan Kersschot has travelled extensively around the world to teach Biopuncture. As a consequence, a group of medical doctors have been trained to become international speakers on Biopuncture. These certified international speakers are helping meet the extensive demand for Biopuncture training worldwide, although Jan still fulfils a large part of Biopuncture lecturing.